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How to wear sweatpants at the office

Yes, we know you probably don’t think you need technical guidance on how to wear sweatpants. You throw them on, fire and rip open a packet of some kind of salty snack, right?

But actually, there is some room for improvement when it comes to wearing this favorite garment of the perennially hungover. In fact, with the wide variety of styles currently from P/COC across the board, ranging from the comfortable and workaday to the stupendously high- there are many ways to work them into your wardrobe, whether you’re on the way to the gym or, gasp, heading into the office.

Intrigued? Sceptical? Merely putting off doing some dreary spreadsheet-based task and want to kill 75 seconds?

Visit our new collection at the new world of sweatpants that stretches cozily out before you…


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